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VJ Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. is the Crux of Knowledge of People Involved in Finance & IT Industry. VJ Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. is the only Solution & Answer towards your financial Difficulties. It also helps you in your Long Unattained Difficulties faced during database management or Opening, Closing Sales & after sales services, whether it may be MF Industry OR Insurance Industry OR Other financial Instruments. VJ Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. will help you to Outperform to be a Successful Finance Industry Personality,which in turn actually means


Mint Software

Mint Software has integrated all aspects of Life Insurance Industry. It is a dynamic CRMS (Client Relationship Management system) which will assist you in increasing customer satisfaction and efficiency by timely management of resources. Mint Software provides Paperless Solution for Insurance Professionals and helps them to deals with client portfolio, customers servicing, product features, Fund Performance, Illustration and many more efficiently.

Mint has specifically designed for the independent Insurance Professional. Mint is complete Management System design to handle all aspects of running your Insurance Business from tracking your client's portfolio, customer relationship management to completion handling & everything in between. Mint helps you to properly manage your Business by giving you the information you need to make solid business decisions.

Mine+ Software

Mine+ Software is a flagship product of V. J. Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. Mine+ is among the most sought Investment and Wealth Management solutions. Mine+ products have been successfully providing comprehensive solutions to meet individual investor requirements and enabling investment management in almost every asset class. Financial planning is among the most sought services. As people plan for various stages of life and endeavor to have a healthy retirement corpus, they seek financial products and services along with proper guidance to help achieve their long term goals. It has been designed simulating a financial advisors environment and considering the scenarios faced throughout individual investor life cycle.

Mine+ is built on the most modular software framework in the industry. Mine+ is a complete financial status planner of any individual investor. It allows you to easily update your plan and quickly evaluate future financial decisions. Enhance your family's lifetime financial freedom in which you make more appropriate decisions for your particular situation and goals.

Web Application

We are expert into development on online life and general insurance application for Brokers as well as for individuals. Portal will be carrying Two Parts of Front End Web site & Back End Data Management System.

» On Front End Web Site Part we will be providing following features on your web portal:

Main Pages of our Web application will be: Home, About Us, Contact Us, Services, Claim, downloads etc….

1.1 Under General insurnace section Home Page will mainly contain Product Quotes & Comparison of Health (All Product across Industry), Vehicle (For Product which you want to compare across), Travel (All Product across Industry), PA with Different segments and will be able to generate leads for Fire, WC, Marine & Burglary. On the other hand under Life insurance section Home page will mainly contain term comparision, product features for all life insurance company across industry, nav details for each funds since inception, fund performance & comparision of all funds across industry & many more.

You can track & maintain leads which are generated online through emails & on admin panel.

1.2 Other then these there will be a brief introduction about your company & yourself.

1.3 Followed by Client, admin & BA Login details.

1.4 About Us, Contact Us & Services will be mainly for your introduction, profiling & lead generation purpose. It will carry contains provided by you.

1.5 Download section will be dynamic & you can create and upload multiple section & forms as required by you like, Proposal Forms for all insurance company, Claim Forms for all insurance company, Broachers & policy Wording for all products. Other then these you can add multiple section required by you under download section.

1.6 Claim section will generate a lead for people who are interested claim service from our end.

» On Back end there will be 3 types of Login Access: 1. Admin 2. BA/Branch 3. Client

2. Pending Business Report

3. Decline Policy Report

4. New Business Summary & Detail Report

5. Premium Due Report

6. Historical Policy Report

7. Lapse/Renewal Lost Business Report

8. Company Wise Reports

9. Product Type Wise reports – Car & Two Wheeler, Health, PA, Marine, Fire, Travel, WC, Machinery etc..

10. City Wise & Area Wise Report

11. Permit Expire Report

12. Fitness Expire Report

13. Road Tax Report

14. Renewal Premium Notice to individual client through Email & SMS.

15. Email alerts of Cheque once detail of cheque uploaded, Policy No & Policy Document Dispatch.

16. Detail & Summary Commission Report

17. Claim Intimation Form for Vehicle & Health Segment

18. Client wise Portfolio Report

19. Mass Mailing to large Cliental Base

These are some sample reports. Designing of Portal & report could be a tailor maid as per users need.

Above all reports can be generated in Total or Branch wise/BA Wise.


Software Development

In this present generation of computing and satellite communication, effective software development has become a form of expression for companies big and small.

Web Application Development

Web application development aims at making these web sites more attractive and usable to viewers. For creating distinctive web pages it is important to understand a company's objectives and priorities.