A Comprehensive Solution for Life & General Insurance Professional


We are providing tailor made solution for all kind of financial products. Mainly we provide our expertise services into five basic types of Investment products.

Life Insurance :

Insurance companies today are faced with a unique challenge given the current economy. How to reduce the cost of their business processes while delivering and developing services that improve acquisition and retention? Success depends on a individual's ability to make its existing processes more productive by maximizing its current IT investments Expertise in All Stages of the Insurance Life Cycle. We bring deep expertise in all stages of the insurance life cycle including portfolio management, distribution, sales and marketing systems.

To provide consolidated management of life insurance, we had developed an insurance agency management software. First of its kind, our insurance Professional software is not limited to back office management, this also provides portfolio management, marketing tools and costing management.

General Insurance :

A general insurance software package should improve the efficiency by providing data maintenance features. It is providing facilities such as Data maintenance, for individual or family Grouping, Premium Due List, etc which would allow - a cutting-edge policy management and administration software solution for individual that deals with all personal and commercial lines of insurance.

Mutual Funds :

The software has full-fledged interaction of the Investment in Mutual Fund, Individual Back Office Computing ability and an Exhaustive Reporting Feature. Facility such as calculating different portfolio returns, Portfolio performance for a particular period, Sector wise allocation and portfolio diversification. Detail Report, Detail Summary and Summary report are generated of Group Family or of Individual. Cash Flow report, Provisions for Current Holdings and Dividend Payout Reports. It provides a Fund Performance among all Funds in its peers. Calculate short/long term gains for debt and equity schemes as per the taxation law. SIP Calculator Model Portfolio, Tool to Design custom portfolio all the added advantages which are been added to the software.

Equities :

It is stock market related software integrated with personal accounting software and Portfolio valuation devised to provide a solution to the investors and traders to manage transactions in the Indian stock markets with different type of intermediaries both in the Cash market as well as Future & Option market. It has been developed after in depth study, research and interactions with the investors, brokers, financial consultants and others related to the stock market. It is a unique tool for the investors to derive accurate gain/loss from transactions entered. It provides accurate gain/loss segregated in to long-term capital gain/loss, short-term capital gain/loss and profit/loss from speculative day trading transactions.

Fixed Deposits:

Fixed Deposit Software is an interactive solution for managing varied types of deposit schemes which includes Postal schemes as well. The system allows the user to define his parameters for schemes, which could be of "simple" or "cumulative" types. It also provides a facility for maturity report and valuation report.