A Comprehensive Solution for Life & General Insurance Professional


Features of Mint Software

Mint Software is the first of its kind & only software in Indian Insurance industry which represent entire life insurance industry on a single platform

Mainly it represents Plan presentation, Combination, Product Features, fund Performance & Complete CRM of your existing customers for entire insurance industry.

Under Plan Presentation & Competition Management Mint offers:

  • Product Feature & Comparison between Different Products for more then 950 Products across industry.
  • Illustration of Unit Linked & Traditional Products for all leading Insurance Companies.
  • Offline Term Insurance Comparison across industry.
  • Fund Performance & Comparison among more then 3600 funds of Insurance Industry.
  • Historical NAV details for then 3600 funds of Insurance Industry.
  • Multi plan combination among different products.
  • Ready made combination - (Power Play) for leading insurance companies.

  • Under CRM Mint offers almost all kind of solutions. Some of them are given below:

  • Client Detail Portfolio with Asset Allocation.
  • Client portfolio summary report.
  • Maturity Cash Flow for future planning.
  • Annual Premium calendar.
  • Premium Due Letter .
  • Premium Reminder through SMS.
  • Premium due Date Report.
  • Lapse Report.
  • Surrender Report.
  • POP UP on Birthday & Anniversary Reminder.
  • POP UP on Premium Reminders.
  • Survival Benefit Report .
  • Company Wise Business Report.
  • Minor Major Report.
  • Maturity Report.

  • Features of Mine+ Software

    Complete Database Management Software for General Insurance & R.T.O Professionals

    VJInfosoft Pvt. Ltd. presents a perfect comprehensive solution for all general insurance & R.T.O professionals.

  • Health Premium Calculator for all companies.
  • Health Comparision among all products.
  • Health Product Features.
  • Motor Premium Calculator for all companies.
  • Travel Rate Comparision for all company.
  • Summary Report-Group & Individual.
  • Business Login Report.
  • Renewal Premium Letter in English & Gujrati.
  • Claim Report(Pending & Resolved).
  • Company Wise Report.
  • Premium Due Date Report.
  • Product Type Wise Report.
  • City Wise Report.
  • Area Wise Report.
  • Client Address Labeling.
  • Client Birthday & Anniversary Reminder.
  • Lapsed Report.
  • Scan Copy of Proposal Form & Policy Document Report.
  • Claim Intimation Form for Motor & Health.
  • Fitness Expire Report.
  • Permit Expire Report.
  • Renewal Remainder through sms.
  • Commission Calculation & Management.